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"At Novella, cakes are no ordinary creations. Each cake has its own story, a beginning middle, and end. They are complicated and diverse, much like novels. Each carries a theme, characters, expectations, and surprises. Like novels their characters are varied, some heroes, some supporters, and some simply included to carry the story on. Yet every character plays a role in welcoming you into their world of sweetness.

So give us your taste buds, your mind, and your heart and allow us to immerse you in a world of endless bites that will change your thoughts on cakes forever. From this day on you will live… deliciously ever after".

Murqab - Al-Soor St - Burj Jassim - Ground floor (in front of Al-Tijari Bank)
المرقاب - شارع السور - برج جاسم - الطابق الأرضي - أمام البنك التجاري